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  • IMG3256

    Register for Open Day

    05/07/2017 13:21pm

    We invite you to discover the perfect balance for your daughter at Open Day Sunday 30 July, 10am - 1pm. 

    Come and explore the academic and co-curricular opportunities on offer.


    Register here for Open Day


  • LoretoDay263

    2017 Annual Giving Appeal

    16/05/2017 14:17pm

    Support from our community greatly assists us in providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the girls, not only benefiting their learning and thinking skills as students, but ensuring they carry these forward as confident and articulate Loreto women.  This year, as a school, we have one clear and vitally important capital development goal to achieve and we are asking for your support to help us realise it.


  • Abbey Guilfoyle

    ANZAC Day Honours

    20/04/2017 15:51pm

    Year 11 student, Abbey Guilfoyle, is experiencing the trip of a lifetime, touring France, as a member of Brisbane's Birallee Choir. Abbey will pay homage to the fallen, with her angelic voice, as she is scheduled to sing at the Western Front Anzac Day services. 


  • 2016 OP results

    Stellar results for the Class of 2016

    19/12/2016 13:33pm

    Congratulations to the Class of 2016 on their outstanding OP results!
    Loreto is pleased to announce 7 students (6%) received an OP 1 and close to 2/3rds of the cohort received an OP 1-10, with 89% having achieved an OP 1-15.


  • Loretoapp02

    Loreto College Mobile App

    18/08/2014 09:05am

    Download the Loreto Mobile App now from the Apple App store or Google Play.


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