As Principal, my educational vision in keeping with this emphasis is for “learning to be at the heart; about the heart; and from the heart”.

Cheryl Hamilton

As with Parker J Palmer, I believe that “good teaching… is rooted in the identity and integrity of the teacher. Good teaching takes myriad forms but good teachers share one trait; they are authentically present in the classroom, deeply concerned with their students and their subject. These are held in the teacher’s heart – the place where intellect, emotion and spirit converge in the human self. Good teachers weave a life-giving web between themselves, their subjects and their students, helping their students learn how to weave a world for themselves”.

Loreto’s teachers teach from the heart. They are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals who actively seek to acknowledge and celebrate the God given gifts of each learner. They seek to empower and liberate their students through an understanding and acceptance of self and others: “learning about and from the heart”.

Loreto promotes this love of learning: “learning at the heart” through the lens of the five essential elements of a Mary Ward education: Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Verity and Felicity.

Having the opportunity as a Principal to lead and facilitate engaging learning environments that are informed by Gospel values that encourage a love of learning; a sense of fun; creative, critical and divergent thinking; intellectual rigour and a commitment to the giving of one’s personal best is both a passion and a privilege.

HEBREW PROVERB: “Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time”.

Cheryl Hamilton
BSc, DipEd, MScSoc, MACE