2017 Annual Giving Appeal

Support from our community greatly assists us in providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the girls, not only benefiting their learning and thinking skills as students, but ensuring they carry these forward as confident and articulate Loreto women.

This year, as a school, we have one clear and vitally important capital development goal to achieve and I am asking for your support to help us realise it.

Our vision is to provide educational excellence. To do this we need to have flexible and innovative teaching and learning spaces across the entire campus. These re-imagined learning spaces will support a culture of thinking that promotes deep and lasting learning. Our goal in 2017 is to transform the existing classrooms in the main teaching block to create inspiring learning environments in keeping with this vision.

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The most recent building development at Loreto reflects this. “Cruci” is a leading example of excellence in learning space design and independent research confirms the significant educational benefits that have been achieved. Whilst the teaching spaces in this building are superior in every way, the demand for their use cannot be met. Quite simply, we need more teaching spaces which incorporate these key design features.

Transforming Classroom Spaces to Support Learning Outcomes

Our aim therefore is to expand on Cruci’s success by delivering 11 similarly re-designed classrooms in the main teaching block. Opened in 1965, these classrooms have served us well but they are ready for change. What is needed is so much more than just a facelift. It is critical that they be transformed to support the teaching and learning needs of current and future generations.

With your support, we will be creating spaces that encourage students to articulate and visibly share their thinking as they learn from one another, thereby increasing their collaboration and engagement. This transformation will change for the better, and in an immediate way, how teaching, learning and thinking happens in each and every classroom, each and every day.

An Opportunity to Leave Your Mark on this Central Building

Over the past years, I have been humbled by the generosity of this community.

Please help us to incorporate these simple design elements to transform these traditional classrooms into vibrant learning environments. You have the opportunity to support this next vital chapter at Loreto.

In addition to this specific 2017 goal, we also have the ongoing appeal to provide bursaries for students whose families are facing unexpected hardship or loss. In order to minimise the impact on students’ education, Loreto bursaries can be offered to families in adverse circumstances, at the Principal’s discretion.

Whether you choose to direct your gift towards enhancing these central teaching and learning spaces or towards the student bursaries, together we will build a stronger Loreto.

I hope you will consider making your tax deducible gift before the end of this financial year. Participation is key to delivering our vision for educational excellence, and whatever you can afford to give, I truly thank you.

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