2019 Loreto College Co-Captains’ Corner

Welcome to Loreto College Coorparoo, we are Maddison Bell and Sarah Stockley; the 2019 College Co-Captains. We would like to take this opportunity to share our pride in the College as student leaders.

As two proud Loreto girls, we can confidently say Loreto is a school of learning and academic focus. It has structures in place that support and encourage individual excellence in each Loreto student. We are provided with countless opportunities: to learn; to excel in music, cultural activities and sport; to travel, and; to engage in an enriching social justice program.

As students, our experience of Loreto has been one of joy, growth and challenge. We understand that Loreto is more than just a school. We take pride in our school’s values as we deepen our understanding of friendship, compassion and courage.

Around the world, thousands of Loreto students are empowered to be veracious, show felicity, to live by the virtues of freedom and justice and love sincerely. Here, we learn the fundamentals of being an empowered, sincere and felicitous woman.

Each year, a particular Mary Ward virtue is acknowledged – Felicity, Freedom, Sincerity, Verity and Justice; 2019 is the year of Sincerity. Sincerity is having the courage to live by truth, believing in honesty, having integrity and realising self-acceptance. It is to, “Be such as we appear, and appear such as we are,” letting our true selves shine through in everything we do.

Each day we come to school, we strengthen  our sense of being in a community with its life-long support network. We feel the College staff and Leadership Team are committed to nurturing our individual talents and skills, challenging us to reach our full potential while at the same time, supporting us as we encounter adversity.

As your College Co-Captains, we hope to support all students to find their place in our community and to have the courage to be themselves; welcome to this very special place.

Maddison Bell & Sarah Stockley
2019 Loreto College Coorparoo Co-Captains