Below are the College’s responses to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the sense of community like at Loreto College?

There is a direct link between parental/ family involvement and a student’s success at school. We encourage families to attend whole school events such as Semester Masses, Assemblies, Academic Award Assemblies, the Ceremony of Excellence evening, plus sport and music events.

The Parent and Friends Association is an active volunteer group who oversee the Sport and Music Support Groups. These sub-groups are also run by parent volunteers and work alongside the relevant College Program Leaders to fundraise, friend-raise and help promote these co-curricular opportunities available to all students.

Our Year Level Parent Representatives also contribute to the sense of community as they organise social events for year level parents to come together and mingle in an informal social setting.

In addition to the events listed above, families also have the opportunity to attend a wider range of community events including the Live & Wired Music Festival, Past Pupil Events, Drama Productions, Welcome BBQ, Welcome Morning and Sporting Carnivals.

How does the school encourage students to have empathy?

From the classroom through to the College’s social justice opportunities, students have endless opportunities to develop and demonstrate empathy towards each other, staff and into the wider community.

The St Vincent de Paul group and Mission in Action (MIA) group, are involved in charity, advocacy and awareness through social justice and charity activities at school, community and international levels. These groups comprise student members from  Years 7 to 12 with Executives drawn from the Year 11 cohort.

Year  11 and 12 students have the opportunity to participate in Rosies’ Street Outreach program. Immersions to majority world nations such as Timor Leste and to First Nations communities are available to students in Years 10 and 11.

Year  10 students all participate in a three day Social Justice Immersion program connected to Catholic Social Teachings of the Catholic Church and the values of the Mary Ward tradition. Students connect and engage with local organisations working in the areas of homelessness, indigenous disadvantage, refugees, women and violence and environmental sustainability and stewardship to link to their Pastoral theme of “becoming a Person of Substance”. From this experience justice and charity initiatives emerge and are student led.

What is the College’s mobile phone policy?

Mobile phones and ear pods must be switched off and secured in lockers as soon as students arrive at school. This is compulsory for all students from Years 7 to 12. Phones are not to be accessed during class time and messages may only be checked quickly at the beginning of break times at lockers.

What actions does the College take as a precaution against bullying?

The College has a zero tolerance for bullying. The structure of the College’s pastoral care framework helps to identify issues early on and intervene before they develop.

Each homeroom class has two teachers who provide the first level of support for students. The homeroom teachers work closely with the Year Coordinator who liaises with the Director of Pastoral Care. In addition to this support network, the College Counsellors work closely with the Year Coordinators and Director of Pastoral Care.

As part of the Personal Development program (across Years 7 to 12), students develop the knowledge and skills to identify any bullying behaviour and what to do if they are ever concerned for themselves or others.

Which schools are Loreto College primary feeder schools?

We have a broad range of primary feeder schools across Catholic, independent and state systems. It does not matter if there are 20 students or just two from the one school, our Year 7 program is designed to give students the opportunity to mix and interact with each other, which allows for new friendships to develop.

How does the College ease the transition from primary to high school?

There are multiple opportunities in Year 6 for students to engage with the College. We hold two Orientation Days in Year 6 for students to familiarise themselves with the Year 7 building, meet key staff and participate in auditions and other College activities. Being familiar with the campus and staff helps many students feel more comfortable in their first few days of Year 7.

Year 6 students are invited to play water polo for the College during Term 4. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet and develop friendships prior to the start of Year 7. Students are encouraged to sign up even if they haven’t played the game before.  Our Music Program auditions are held in Term 3 and Year 6 students begin ensemble rehearsals in Term 4.

The Year 7 Coordinator communicates with families in the January before the commencement of the school year and shares important tips, reminders and other information that will help make the transition as smooth as possible. The Year 7 and 12 Coordinators work closely together with the Year 12 Links Council to offer another  level of support for  our Year 7 students with the Big Sister Little Sister program.

What is the Loreto Sisters involvement in the school and with students?

The Loreto Sisters share the vision and mission of Mary Ward as they contribute their gifts across a variety of areas including education. There are four Sisters currently residing in Brisbane who regularly attend College events whereby they have plentiful opportunities to interact with the wider Loreto community including students, parents, staff and past pupils.  Staff identify appropriate opportunities for students to connect with the Sisters using technology to support classroom learning.

What Leadership opportunities are available to students?

The style of leadership encouraged at Loreto Coorparoo is strongly based on service. Leadership structures and training are designed to develop students’ leadership capacity. All Year 12 students belong to a Council. Councils are responsible for  organising activities for  all students to enhance school spirit, promote engagement and, at times, raise awareness and money for charity or other initiatives. Students in Years 7 to 11 have the opportunity to be nominated for Class Captain positions each term.

How many music ensembles are there?

The College has 18 music ensembles, with the aim of catering to students of all ability levels: from absolute beginners to advanced performers. Virtually all instruments are included in the program – brass, woodwind, percussion, strings, piano and voice.

During the year these ensembles perform at a variety of events both within and outside of the College. Performance opportunities include formal school concerts, such as the Autumn Concert Series and the end-of-year Music Night; popular events such as the Live & Wired Music Festival on Deshon Oval; music festivals (Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival); private functions (groups are often invited to perform at weddings and charity events); and bi-annual music tours (e.g. Australian International Music Festival in Sydney).

What sporting opportunities are available?

Loreto College has a strong sporting tradition and each student is presented with numerous opportunities to participate in sport at every level. The College boasts excellent sporting facilities and students have the opportunity to pursue their interests in a range of individual and team sports.

We participate in the CaSSSA interschool competition and all sport other than Water Polo and Tennis are held on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30pm to approximately 5.30pm. Students are transported to and from the campus to wherever they are playing.

Sport is largely included in our fee structure  and students  have the  opportunity  to play AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball and Water Polo.

In 2022, almost 1500 playing positions were available across 120 sporting teams.

Do we have to supply our own laptop?

No, you do not need to supply your own laptop. The College has implemented a comprehensive student laptop program where all students from Years 7 to 12 have their own laptop to use both at school and at home. Our IT department is available onsite to assist students should they have any IT problems. Students are responsible for the care and security of their laptop at all times. A levy of $170 is charged per term.

What are the Library's opening hours?

The Library is fully supervised Monday to Friday from 7.15am until 5.45pm.

Do you have a uniform shop onsite?

Our supplier, UMS is located in Murrarie. It is open Monday to Friday and some Saturdays by appointment.

Students wear their formal uniform (including hat) to and from school each day and change for sport & HPE at the College.

Blazers are a mandatory uniform piece that must be worn from May through to August.

Secondhand uniforms can be sourced via the College’s Facebook Buy Swap and Sell page.

Do you have to purchase textbooks or is there a hire scheme?

Textbooks are purchased by families and include a  combination  of both hard copy and online. Secondhand books can occasionally be sourced via the College’s Buy Swap and Sell Facebook page.

Are your classrooms air conditioned?

Yes, all classrooms are air conditioned.

What opportunities are there for girls to interact with boys?

There are a number of opportunities throughout the year for students to interact with boys from Catholic boys school including Villanova College, St Laurence’s College and Marist College Ashgrove.

This includes:

Years 7 to 9 and Years 10 to 12 Dances – these are held onsite when gathering guidelines permit. These are supervised by staff and parent volunteers.

Marist College Ashgrove  Dance Program – Year 10 student have the opportunity to take part in the six week program whereby our students learn traditional dancing one night a week concluded by a final dance event .

Musical – a biennial musical held in conjunction with Villanova College for students    in Years 8 to 12.

Year 12 Loreto / Villanova Cup – a three game event competition.

Social Justice Activities – Students in Years 7 to 12 can participate in Social Justice activities run in conjunction with the Boys’ Colleges.

Do you welcome non-Catholic students who have the same values as your school?

Yes, we welcome families of all religious affiliation who support a faith based education.

How do we stay up-to-date with College news and events?

We encourage families to follow us on Facebook and lnstagram to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at the College. Families who have submitted an application or have registered their interest in enrolling their daughter will receive email communication from the College. Existing families also use social media, email and the College app to stay up to date.

When do applications open?

Applications can be submitted for both Year 5 and Year 7 from Prep through to the end of Year 3. First round offers are made when your daughter commences Year 4. Offers of enrolment are made based on application criteria as per the enrolments policy and is available for viewing on our website. Upon signing of the contract and payment of the non-refundable acceptance fee, your daughter’s place is then confirmed. A Parents/Carers Information Evening and Orientation days are held when your daughter is in Year 4 for a Year 5 commencement or Year 6 for a Year 7 commencement.

Do you offer scholarships?

Students who demonstrate academic excellence or potential can apply for an Academic Scholarship available for entry in Year 7 and Year 10. The scholarships provide partial concession of tuition fees and are awarded for the duration of the student’s education at Loreto College. Selection is based on the students’ performance in the ACER Academic Scholarship Examination.

Are homerooms held in year level or are they a vertical system structure?

Homerooms are held in respective year levels.

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