Loreto’s Commitment to Student Protection

Loreto College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for all students while they are in our care. We take our moral and legal responsibility to provide this care most seriously. Loreto’s student protection policy, processes and guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • Every student has a right to protection from harm
  • The welfare and best interest of the student is paramount
  • All adults have a responsibility to care for students and to protect them from all forms of harm as well as to positively promote their welfare
  • Loreto College is committed to the importance and implementation of student protection policies and processes

Loreto has a comprehensive Student Protection Policy in addition to our Student Protection Guidelines, both designed to maintain a child safe environment. Listed below are a number of key policies and processes:

  • Student Protection Policy & Processes
  • Student Protection Guidelines
  • Professional Conduct Policy
  • Complaint Resolution Policy & Procedures


Student Protection Contacts

Loreto College takes student protection very seriously and is committed to protecting all students from harm and to the prevention of abuse – physical, sexual or emotional. We seek to foster a safe and caring environment.

Any member of the College community concerned about a situation of abuse should discuss this with the Loreto Student Protection Contacts:
Mrs Kim Wickham
Ms Annie Diamond
Mrs Jan Kearney


Student Protection Processes


Student Protection Guidelines


Loreto Staff Code of Conduct


Complaint Resolution Policy