Loreto College is committed to ensuring that student, parent, employee and other stakeholder complaints are dealt with in a responsive, efficient, effective, transparent and fair way.

The College views complaints as part of an important feedback and accountability process. The College acknowledges the right of students, parents, employees and other stakeholders to complain when dissatisfied with an action, inaction or decision of the College and encourages such feedback. The College recognises that time spent on handling disputes can be an investment in better service to students, parents, employees and other stakeholders.

All complaints are managed according to the following principles:

  • All members of the College community have a right to work in an environment conducive to their wellbeing and safety
  • Natural justice will be accorded to all
  • Confidentiality and privacy will be maintained as much as possible
  • Complaints will be dealt with fairly and objectively and in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible
  • Complaints will be taken seriously
  • Anonymous complaints will be treated on their merits like any other complaint when possible
  • Mediation, negotiation and informal resolution are optional alternatives to investigation
  • Procedural fairness and natural justice principles will be ensured
  • All parties to the complaint will be appropriately supported
  • All parties are entitled to reasonable progress updates
  • Appropriate remedies will be offered and implemented
  • A review mechanism will be offered
  • Complainants, respondents and people associated with them will not be victimised as a result of lodging the dispute nor will they suffer any other reprisals
  • The College will keep confidential records of complaints

Complaint Resolution Policy and Procedure