At the heart of the Loreto College Teaching and Learning Framework is Mary Ward’s belief that the education of girls must be congruent to the needs of the times.


We nurture each individual so they may grow spiritually, cognitively, emotionally and socially because we prioritise developing the ‘whole’ person. Integral to this is the recognition that health and well-being are fundamental to learning. We provide opportunities for individuals to flourish; through realising potential, feeling valued and connected, and contributing to the Loreto community.


We are engaged in our teaching and learning through carefully planned lessons using research- based strategies proven to have the highest effect on student improvement. We interpret data and measure the impact of our strategies to set and refine our personal learning goals. We are empowered to put our learning into action.


We are optimistic about our learning and future because we have a growth mindset. We are equipped with skills and strategies to persevere, knowing that setbacks make us stronger and develop resilience. We show courage when faced with challenges and are not afraid to take risks or fail. We apply feedback gained from our past experiences in the belief that it will lead to success.


Our learning experiences target areas for growth; recognising that we need to stretch ourselves to achieve our aspirations. We are flexible, striving for accuracy and excellence. We seek relevant learning opportunities. We celebrate individual and collective improvement. We cultivate relationships and build networks; learning in collaboration, supporting each other.


We know that proficiency in literacy, numeracy and reading are the foundation to learning. We develop higher-order thinking by knowing which cognitions are required for specific learning. With disciplined practice and application, our metacognition becomes habitual and we extend our ability to think creatively and critically.

HEART Teaching & Learning Framework

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