Join the Loreto Past Pupils’ Book Club, meeting once per school term.

Loreto Book Club occurs once every school term. It is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends over a glass of wine and reflect on the shared values our Loreto education imparted on all of us. In addition to having a good old fashioned chat about the story, we also consider the Mary Ward virtues as they relate to the themes of the book. It is a wonderful way to delve further into the discussion as part of a ‘circle of friends’. 

We are so lucky to have Jen Stephens (1988), Coorparoo past pupil, helping us to bring this initiative to fruition.  Jennifer is Avid Reader’s Bookclub’s Coordinator and also one of their ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ staff members. She loves talking to book clubs about great books for discussion, and is passionate about both fine Australian writing and encouraging a love of literature in the young. Jennifer fled the usual consequences of studying law and journalism to travel. She found herself managing an international bookstore in Prague in the mid to late 90s where she also wrote about books and writers for English-language papers and magazines.  She continued writing when she returned to Australia and is exploring writing fiction. Motherhood and involvement in early literacy programmes informs her understanding of the importance of reading to the young and she cherishes literature as part of her life. Jennifer has great nostalgia for her bookshop days in Prague and reckons that on cold, grey days working at Avid Reader feels like a return to a lost love. 

 If you are interested in joining the Loreto Book Club, please email