2018 Academic Outcomes

Loreto College Coorparoo is pleased to announce that 99% of the 2018 Year 12 cohort graduated with a QCE. Over 65% of the cohort received an OP score of 10 or better.

Almost 33% of students received an OP score of 1-6. An OP score of 6 is the approximate equivalent of an ATAR 90. An ATAR of 90 or higher represents the top 10% of students in the state.

Over 97% of students achieved an OP 1-15. This is the highest result in our recorded data which spans the last 16 years.

Results 2018

OP 1-6                 33%

OP 1-10               65%

OP 1-15               97%


Please find below data for 2017 and 2018 for your information.

OP Range Loreto 2018Loreto 2017State 2018
OP 1 – 633 %29 %27.5 %
OP 1-1065.4%63.3%53.9%
OP 1-1597.2%87.5%82.6%

In addition, 24 students completed Diplomas; 26 students gained a Certificate III and further 4 students completed University subjects. These qualifications currently attract a Tertiary Ranking in Queensland.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support of the graduating Seniors of 2018.


2018 NAPLAN Results

Loreto Coorparoo is pleased with the results of the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for 2018.

Our students achieved well above the State and National averages. These results were supported by the hard work and professionalism of teachers who helped prepare students for these tests together with the students’ educational experience at Loreto.

While we recognise the strength of these results, it is important to note that these scores are only one indicator of academic performance.

Please note, these results are provisional at this stage.


Academic Results 2017

Loreto Coorparoo congratulates the Class of 2017.

This year 99% of students graduated with a Queensland Certificate of Education.

Over 1 in 5 students graduated with an OP of 5 or better.

Almost two-thirds of the graduating cohort received an OP of 10 or better.

OPLoreto College
1 - 522.5%
1 - 1063.3%
1 - 1587.5%
1 - 20100%

These results reflect the hard work of the 2017 cohort and the support of the teaching staff, families and educational experience offered at Loreto College.

It is important to note that these scores are only one indicator of the dedication and diligence of our students and staff.

We send our congratulations and best wishes to the graduating Class of 2017.