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  • (07) 3394 9999
  • Absentee Hotline(07) 3394 9964
  • (07) 3847 1254
  • Sport Hotline(07) 3394 9920
  • Music Hotline(07) 3394 9915

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Open Day 2019

August, 19/08/2019Posted by:

It gave me great pleasure to have welcomed over 1000 guests to the College last weekend where we showcased the diverse opportunities available for current and future students. A snippet of the types of activities on display can be seen in this video – https://youtu.be/1myAhtOYahE

Filmed and edited by one of our current Year 12 students, the video not only captured the welcoming atmosphere of the day, but also exemplified many opportunities available for authentic leadership.

Many visitors to the College commented on the way our students capably lead tours, performed, demonstrated practical skills, engaged in sports and confidently articulated why they are “proud to be Loreto.”

Through the day, I was privileged to address prospective grandparents, parents and students about what we offer at the College as well as a snippet of our rich history as experts in girls’ education. I outlined many of the well-documented advantages of girls’ schools.

As a member of the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, Loreto College Coorparoo teachers have an understanding of the well-researched benefits of girls’ schools. Research cited by this organisation includes benefits such as:

  • greater success in literacy and numeracy testing and tertiary entrance scores
  • a higher likelihood for girls to undertake subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and languages in their senior years
  • improved performance in mathematics
  • less exposure to unemployment
  • improved school retention
  • higher rates of confidence, self-esteem, sense of personal safety and motivation
  • higher involvement in sports
  • improved retention in physical activity
  • an understanding of the ways in which confidence and competition may significantly impact on their capacity as leaders

For more information on research around the benefits of girls’ schools, visit:

Kim Wickham

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