Playwright Suzie Miller will write an original play for our Drama students to perform in 2019.

Suzie Miller is a graduate of of the NIDA Playwrights’ Studio, has a Masters degree in Theatre and a Masters degree in Law. Her plays have been performed all over the world, most recently in Edinburgh to wide acclaim. We look forward to collaborating with her as she develops an original script throughout 2018 with the assistance of our Drama students. It is an honour to have Suzie at Loreto Coorparoo.


Loreto Performing Arts Club (LPAC)

Students in Years 7 to 9 are invited to join LPAC. The Club is coordinated by the Year 12 Drama Council and takes place Thursday afternoons for one term per year. This is a non-auditioned group and everyone is welcome to participate.  Each session runs from 3.30pm until 4.30pm in the Drama rooms.

The Senior Drama Council lead a wide range of activities that develop the skills in voice, movement and performance across dancing, acting and singing. Teachers are available during this time to assist wherever needed.

Sydney Drama Tour (Years 11 & 12)

During the June/July school holidays Drama students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to attend the Sydney Drama Tour where they are immersed in enriching dramatic experiences. They attend back stage tours of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Theatre Company, various theatre productions, NIDA workshops, television studios and meet industry professionals who enhance their appreciation of the Arts and their understanding of career options within the field of Drama.

Loreto College Ambassador for the Performing Arts –

Christen O’Leary (Coorparoo, 1983).

Welcome back Christen O’Leary! It is with great excitement that we welcome Christen back to Loreto as an Ambassador for the Performing Arts.

Christen O’Leary graduated from Loreto College in 1983 and studied Drama at the University of South-East Queensland.

Christen has played some of the most coveted female roles in theatre, including; Medea, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, Bombshells and Ladies in Black. 

In 2003, after winning several awards, playwright Matt Cameron wrote a play specifically to showcase her talents, Ruby Moon, an Australian Gothic play. Australia Gothic Theatre features in the Loreto College Drama program and Christen’s workshops have been a highlight for our senior students.

Musical – Footloose (2018)

Every second year, Loreto College and Villanova College combine their theatrical and musical expertise to present the highly anticipated combined schools’ Musical.

In 2018 over 90 students participated in a variety of roles, both onstage, in the orchestra and backstage. Footloose was a fantastic show that was only achieved through the students’ talent and continual dedication.

Our next musical is scheduled for 2020.

Theatre Production – Ivy Shambitt & The Sound Machine (2017)

Loreto College was proud to present the 2017 theatrical production Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine, directed by Brisbane actress and Loreto past pupil, Christen O’Leary. “A delightfully Roald Dahlesque tale,” the small town of Apronwood appears normal enough, if a little tired and rundown. But the people of Apronwood harbour a dark secret and they will do anything they can to keep their secret and turn their sleepy village into a thriving tourist attraction. Even if it means murder…

With this production, Christen made her directing debut at Loreto. She was excited when the Drama staff mentioned we were interested in the play, Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine, as the playwright, Daniel Evans is a dear friend! It was a truly amazing experience working with Christen – a rare chance to work with a professional and understand the nuances of performance.

Musical – Guys & Dolls (2016)

In 2016, we performed Guys and Dolls to a full house over four nights.

Theatre Production – Paper Moon (2015)

In 2015, Loreto College commissioned playwright Victoria Carless to create an original play script for our Drama students to perform. This was a rare chance to work with a professional playwright and see how a script is developed and realised on stage. Victoria’s script, Paper Moon, was inspired by the theme of Verity.

For any further information regarding the Performing Arts & Drama Co-Curricular program, please contact Mrs Lyssa Gyte Curriculum Leader Performing Arts.