Student wellbeing is a core pillar of a Loreto education. We are committed to fostering a nurturing community where each student is known, valued, and empowered.

To achieve this, we provide effective support structures and programs that enhance student wellbeing, resilience, and academic growth. Our dedicated Director of Pastoral Care collaborates with our Pastoral Team, including Year Level Pastoral Leaders, Counsellors, and a Learning Enrichment Coordinator, to ensure holistic care and support.

We prioritise supporting students as they transition into the Loreto community, helping them develop a sense of belonging and connectedness. Our Physical Activity and Wellbeing program caters to diverse needs and interests, complemented by a comprehensive pastoral care program throughout a student’s journey.

Respect, courtesy, and empathy are emphasised, both in-person and online. We uphold high behavioural standards aligned with these values, both within and outside the College.

We offer ample opportunities for student involvement, recognition, and growth, aiming for every student to feel valued and connected within our school community.