Students study a wide range of disciplines, some as core and others as electives.  In the senior years, General, Applied and VET subjects are offered. The curriculum offerings are regularly reviewed to ensure their appropriateness and their contemporary relevance.

Student learning is enhanced through the use of a variety of teaching methods and learning experiences and the provision of a broad range of resources, including the student laptop program. In Years 7-9 there are three differentiated courses in English and Mathematics and students are placed in the appropriate course based on their individual needs.

Students sit online examinations, such as NAPLAN, in a dedicated building where a high density wireless network is enabled. This IT infrastructure upgrade was partially funded by the Australian Government’s Local Schools Community Fund to benefit all students.

Each student is encouraged to do her best in an atmosphere where academic excellence is valued and love of learning is nurtured.

Loreto uses pedagogies and technologies appropriate for the 21st century. We aim to maximise the flexibility and creativity of the learning environment thus ensuring Loreto students are able to participate effectively in their complex and ever changing world.



From 2020, tertiary entrance will be by the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) will calculate tertiary entrance ranks by comparing student results through a process of inter-subject scaling.

The QCE is Queensland’s senior school qualification, which is awarded to eligible students usually at the end of Year 12. The QCE recognises broad learning options and offers flexibility in what, where and when learning occurs. (QCCA)

Subject Offerings

The following link displays the subjects offered for each year level from Year 7 through to Year 12.

2022 Curriculum Overview


Subject Guides

Year 7 Subject Guide 2022


Years 8 Subject Guide 2022


Year 9 Subject Guide 2022


Year 10 Subject Guide 2022


Years 11 & 12 Subject Guide 2021 - 2022