Types of Sport at Loreto

CaSSSA Interschool Sport

CaSSSA (Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls’ Sports Association) is the leading interschool sporting competition for Catholic secondary schools in Brisbane. The weekly CaSSSA interschool competitions are held each Wednesday after school from 3.30pm to approximately 5.30pm. Students are required to register and attend trials to compete in the following teams:





Cross Country






Touch Football


Water Polo

2017 CaSSSA Wednesday afternoon fixtures

Sports OfferedSport DivisionsYear Groups
AFL (9-a-side)Junior7 - 9
AFL (9-a-side)Senior10-12
BasketballJunior7 - 8
BasketballIntermediate9 - 10
BasketballOpen11 - 12
Football (Soccer)Junior7 - 9
Football (Soccer)Open7 - 12
HockeyJunior7 - 9
HockeyOpen7 - 12
NetballJunior7 - 8
NetballIntermediate9 - 10
NetballOpen11 - 12
TouchJunior7 - 8
TouchIntermediate9 - 10
TouchOpen11 - 12
VolleyballJunior7 - 8
VolleyballIntermediate9 - 10
VolleyballOpen11 - 12

2017 CaSSSA Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics & Tennis and BWPI Water Polo

Sports OfferedSport DivisionsYear Groups
Swimming (CaSSSA)12&U; 13&U; 14&U; 15&U; 16&U; 19&U7 - 12
Cross Country (CaSSSA)12&U; 13&U; 14&U; 15&U; 16&U; 19&U7 - 12
Track & Field (CaSSSA)12&U; 13&U; 14&U; 15&U; 16&U; 19&U7 - 12
Water Polo (BWPI) (Saturday Fixtures)Various7 - 12
Tennis (CaSSSA) (Saturday Fixtures)Junior
Senior / Open
7 - 8
9 - 10
11 - 12 / 7 - 12

Loreto College is associated with the following major sporting associations:

CaSSSA – Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls’ Sports Association
BWPI – Brisbane Water Polo Incorporated


CaSSSA Tennis is held on Saturdays throughout Terms 1 & 2. Students wishing to participate in Tennis are required to attend the Loreto Trials/Championships in February to compete in the CaSSSA competition.

Interhouse Carnivals

Loreto College annually convenes Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Interhouse Carnivals.  Every student is expected to participate in these events and will represent their House.  Loreto College encourages strong spirit in support of each of the college’s four Houses: Barry, Mornane, Mulhall and Ward.  Following Interhouse Carnivals, squads are selected to represent the college at CaSSSA competitions. Qualified coaches are provided for training in lead up to the competitions.

Composite District Association

The Association provides a pathway for individuals to succeed in their chosen sport at representative level. Students are required to attend district trials or, submit a paper nomination to the Composite District Association, depending on the individual sport, to qualify as part of the Metropolitan East Region. All students must register through the Loreto College Sports Office to enter in the competition or participate in the trials.


Loreto College particpates in a joint program with Carina Leagues Warrior Waterpolo Club. Training begins in Term 3 of each year and the competition is conducted on Saturdays during Terms 4 and Term 1 of the following year (summer).

Parental Support

Parents are requested to be firm in their support of Sport coaches by ensuring that their daughters are punctual and regular in attendance at training and competitions. Parents are also invited to contribute to the College Sporting Program by joining the Parents’ Sport Support Group.

Please contact the Sports Administration Assistant, Mrs Jane Wilkinson (Phone: 3394 9920) or the Director of Sport, Mrs Meg Stevens (Phone: 3394 9980) for further assistance regarding sport at Loreto College.