Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Fee Structure2023-05-15T14:40:44+10:00

2023 Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are largely all-inclusive of subject costs, curriculum based day excursions and the CaSSSA sport program.

Per Term (Years 7-11)Per Term (Year 12*)Per Annum
1st Child$3,129.00$4,172.00$12,516.00
2nd Child$2,816.10$3,754.80$11,264.40
Subsequent Child(ren)$2,503.20$3,337.60$10,012.80

*Year 12 students are billed in three (3) instalments across Terms 1 to 3.
*All CaSSSA sports are inclusive 

Other Compulsory Charges

  • Capital Levy – $150 per term, per family ($600 per year) allocated towards College facilities, maintenance programs and any future capital projects.
  • Laptop Lease Program – $170 per term, per student ($680 per year, per student).
  • Camps/Retreats/Immersions – Camps and Retreats which involve a cost for accommodation and/or food are charged separately on the fee statement. These include, but are not limited to: Year Level Camps, Year 11 & Year 12 Retreats and Leadership Days. GST is payable on food supplied during these activities.

Other Charges

  • Excursions/Trips – Any optional trips and tours offered by the College e.g. Music Tours, Language Immersions, Social Justice Immersions. Day related curriculum excursions are covered by tuition fees.
  • Other charges – may include, but are not limited to
    – Cost of activities which do not form part of the school curriculum e.g. Year 12 Formal and Year 11 Semi-Formal.
    – Any items purchased by students where ownership is transferred from the school to the student e.g. Senior Jerseys and calculators. Please note: these charges will attract GST.

Other Optional Charges

  • Parents and Friends Association Levy –  is $25 per term ($100 per year) per family.
  • Building Fund Donation – is $75 per term ($300 per year) per family. The Building Fund Donation is fully tax deductible.

Payment Arrangements

Accounts for Years 7-11 are issued each term for payment in January, April, July and October. Tuition fees for Year 12 are billed in three instalments for payment in January, April and July. Payment is due and payable on the first day of each term. 

Payment options include:

  • BPAY – please use the  Biller Code and the Customer Reference Number on fee account statements.
  • CREDIT CARD – complete remittance and return to the College
  • CASH – payable at College Reception
  • CHEQUE – payable to Loreto College Coorparoo
  • PAYMENT PLANS – Where accounts are not paid upfront, a direct debit can be paid from a bank account or credit card in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.  It is a requirement of the College that the fees will be paid within the 2023 school year.
Online Payments
Open Link
2023 Direct Debit by Bank Account
2023 recurrent Payment by Credit Card

For any enquiries please contact the Finance Office via 3394 9999 or  fees@loreto.qld.edu.au

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