Thank you for your interest in the College’s revised Master Plan.

The Master Plan has recently undergone a community consultation process via face to face meetings, presentations, focus groups and surveys.

A summary document of the Reviewed Master Plan can be viewed HERE.

Should you have any questions about the Master Plan, please contact the College via

We appreciate the effort of our community to provide feedback about our proposed future plans for the College facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions


The College already has a Master Plan. Why is Loreto revising that now?

The College’s Master Plan has been revised to ensure that Loreto College Coorparoo is well placed to meet the needs of our students both now and into the future. Our learning spaces must be flexible enough to cater for changes to our educational context.

Over the last 10 years, for example, the College has grown in size by over 200 students and has seen the incorporation of Year 7.

The introduction of the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system from 2017 has meant more flexible pathways for Year 11 and 12 students as well as the introduction of new subjects with specific resourcing requirements.

Innovations to technology and the way we access information has also seen changes in the way students and teachers access and use library resources as well as a greater focus on interdisciplinary learning.

The importance of student well-being and connectedness is now a priority of the Federal government, as identified in the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. The role of schooling in this space is predicted to increase.

Who will be consulted?

At this point, the College is conducting reviews with stakeholders including parents, staff, and members of the Board and its subcommittees via a survey. Additionally, students will be consulted through focus groups.

Once these processes are complete, the College will look to make adjustments to the plan if required, based on the feedback from the consultative process. From that point, the College will move to more broad community consultation.

What will the order of projects in the revised Master Plan be?

The Revised Master Plan should be seen as an “opportunities document” which identifies the potential for development on the current site.

The projects have been categorised as either short term or long-term projects. The order of the projects will be determined by feasibility of implementing the project, feedback from community consultation, financial implications and strategic need.

What is the College doing about traffic congestion and parking?

Potential to build in additional parking has been incorporated into some of the new projects. The College has also identified the opportunity for an additional off-street drop-off zone which, after extensive community consultation, may reduce traffic congestion.

What about green spaces?

One of the valued features of the Loreto grounds are the green spaces, particularly in the heart of the College. It is the intention of the Revised Master Plan to retain as much “green space” as possible to ensure a relaxing aesthetic and retain this valued aspect of the College grounds.